Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to the Dungeon...

This has been our home for the past 18 months. Our apartment is in Lincoln Park, about 4 miles north of downtown. We live in the Garden Apartment of a 3 story building. Living in the basement isn't all bad, it’s very mild in the summer, the washer and Dryer is right out the back door and the living room gets great light. Our landlord, Elisa lives on the 2nd floor, she is a very nice woman, who shares her tomatoes from her garden with us, she barely stands 4 foot tall and speaks in alternating words of English and Italian.

Our apartment is 1 bedroom with a small kitchen and Living room. The kitchen only had a couple small cabinets and a pantry, so we added to it with the best IKEA had to offer. It’s awfully tight at times but we’ve housed many guests who have had the good fortune of sleeping on our magic couch. That's my bike out front that I ride to work everyday and Jess added a few pumpkins to the windows last week. It’s not much and it’s definitely temporary but this is where Jess & I live for now (it would be a stretch to call it home).

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